three little piggies

three little piggies
on arrival

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Can Pigs Laugh?

My phobia for mice is not getting any better. They are running free and wild all over the place. Living under water troughs, in the pumpkin patch and I thought worse of all earlier this week I discovered a nest in my car! My girly screams could be heard far and wide.
My girly scream resembles the noise that Gertrude and Bertha make when overly anxious for their food they touch the electric fence. I always wince, telling them in a firm voice 'to keep away from the white sticks'.
This morning the shoe was on the other foot. As I confidently stepped over the tape my knee brushed against the tape. Letting out a sharp squeal I distinctly heard a couple of snorts and a rapture of laughter before the duo inquisitively came to check me out. As I gingerly left the enclosure I'm sure I heard them say 'be careful of them white sticks'!