three little piggies

three little piggies
on arrival

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A few photo's of Gertrudes piglets

you put you right leg in

does my bum look big in this
what are you looking at?

Super Troupers

Last week my husband told me I was a trouper. I think it was meant as a compliment, only I thought it hilarious.
Last night we decided to take Gertrude and Co. to their pen. After Bertha's lot, we thought we had it sussed. A slow perambulate with bucket of goodies, piglets following not far from mothers call! How wrong we could be. Gertrude galloped knowing exactly where she was going with only one little one able to keep up as the rest explored in a little too much depth the new world. At the sound of mother calling they returned to familiar territory, the stable.With Gertrude and 1 safely in the field and without flacking the rest of the piglets were rounded up and boarded towards mother. Again as they were in sight Gertrude called and again they returned to the stable. After several attempts with the same outcome we decided to resort to moving them via trailer. With 4 piglets on board and the rest running aimlessly around the yard. we took this lot up to mum and sister and safely locked them in the pen. We returned for the remainder, loaded them, unloaded them, herded them back with mum and siblings.
After a quick exploration checking that not much had changed, piglets staying close to mum, we left one happy Gertrude and piglets!
I think I can safely say we were troupers... Gertrude was a trouper, her piglets were troupers, I was a trouper but most of all Jane was a trouper.
It wasn't until the quad refused to go another in a inch, me scratching my head in laurel style, that she broke down in hysterics. I had forgot to reposition the jockey thingamajig and had ploughed a gouge until I had come to an abrupt stop and could move no more. Super troupers!

I'm turning into my mother

Many years ago my mother asked the priest to pass her the condims.... we never reflect on this faux pas but it has been down the slippery slope ever since.
I noticed I had been saying 'whatdoyoucallit' an awful lot and the 'thingamajig' is just out of reach. But I have got my Freud mixed up with Spock! Now Stroppard I can understand because under that calm glowing exterior there is a strop just bursting to come out. So can I just correct that I think Gertrude mothers in the style of Spock not Freud.....not the Vulcan either.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Gertrudes piglets have been taking a moist creep food this week. Apart from introducing them to solids ready for weaning it has also been a way of giving them their wormer without any trauma. They look so cute with their porridge noses!

They are becoming more confident and are now joining mum when she has her alfresco tea. Exploring the immediate area but soon come running when mum calls. Hopefully they will be ready to go out to the field soon. All gaps in the fence have been secured so we don't have any copy cat performances.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How heavy is a pig?

The worming programme has begun. One very wet day last week, armed with tape measure and notebook I began to measure. Saving the calculating for the warm and dry I was gobsmacked at how heavy our girls had got. I must admit I had noticed they had got a bit heavy before conception and had held back on how much they got to eat. With all these extra's to feed I have been giving a little more and they look in excellent condition but my how they have piled on the beef. You cant use pregnancy as an excuse I was always told and I think as soon as these little ones are weaned, I say little with tongue in cheek at the moment they resemble staffy bull terriers, They are going on a strict diet of cabbage and water!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Did you read the book?

 Bertha and Gertrude opted for different methods of parenting.

Whilst Bertha approached motherhood in Miriam Stroppard fashion.........
......Gertrude much preferred the style of Freud.

Where are you?

What you doing over there?

I thought the grass was greener