three little piggies

three little piggies
on arrival

Sunday, August 29, 2010

peripheries of pigs

Introducing the trailer to the pigs or visa versa.
As I entered the field they excitedly bounded over to greet me. I think they just like the noise of the quad. Once I stopped and went into the
pen they resumed the ritual of biting my bum and seeing if I had any more apples in my pockets. Ignoring the lovely shiny trailer. It was too windy to take it in the pen so hopefully we will show them a closer look soon then can practice putting them in.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

travelling in style

We arose bright and early to get all the chores done before setting off for Scotland. First calling in at the bank for some petty cash, we took the scenic route. Past Rothbury and onward and upward we turned left for Coldstream and kept a keen eye open for the Ifor Williams distributer (instructions had been just outside Coldstream but couldn't remember if it was earlsted or earlston) We had programmed the i phone with the destination, but of course there was no reception and although could sort of remember occasional left and rights but neither of us were sure of distance. 20 miles later I spied a garage with some trailers, low and behold we had found it. The trailer was waiting for us, not quite pristine but with only one careful owner 'a hobbiest' we were told, we nabbed our bargain. Duly paid for it, hitched it, realised we had forgot the number plate too and borrowed some cardboard and a pen to make a temporary one. Without a second glance on route back home travelling the more direct A68. This was not as scenic or as entertaining.
 Our visit to Scotland was much too brief but managed to take in the sights of the Flodden fields, Floors Castle and will never forget umpty bumty burial ground. I kid you not. I would like this to be my final resting place!!!!
If we have time we may be introducing the pigs to their new to them trailer this weekend.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


We had another 4 welsommer chicks delivered today. They are 4 weeks old fluffy and cute. I am finding it difficult to keep up with them now and need to organise a plan to build more runs and cree's to house them, seperating them into their breeds. We will have to think about culling the excess cockerals when they get to point of lay otherwise they will begin to compete and eventually fight with each other.
Tatie picking is going great, just keeping up with sales. Home grown taties are worth the effort and taste out of this world.
The pigs are happier now they are on big pig food, suplemented with the occasional cucumber and apple. We are going to purchase a trailer this weekend in preparartion for when the first is ready to go to market.

Tonight instead of counting sheep I will be counting chickens !!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The minxing pigs have had a rare old time while I've been away today. When I went to feed  them their water bucket was in the middle of the field. Chances are if this rain keeps up we will be teaching them how to swim this weekend!!

electric therapy

while watching the pigs I idley went to put my hand on the fence. As i brushed against it I noticed the electric wire that the farmer had put up to keep the cows off. In a split second I was thrown slightly and immediately felt the effect of the trapped nerve in my neck being released. Now I wouldn't recommend touching electric fences as a cure all and perhaps it was the awkward way I retrieved my fall that was the cure but I certainly feel better for it !
Those cheeky little chicks are losing their fluffy feather and starting to get their true colours, not the prettiest of birds but will lay the most beautiful dark brown eggs with huge yellow yolks.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The pigs are on big pig food now. They were starting to get a bit hungry but the main reason was that the stockists didn't have any growers left. We have also put extra buckets in as their intake of water has increased too. Ivan, the farmer next door kindly gave me a couple of old tyres to hold the buckets steady. and we have put them well out of reach of his cows!
Cocoa is recovering well from her little op. Treacle was obviously in a lot of discomfort and pain so we took her back to the vets yesterday. She was examined and everything was how it should be and she was prescribed some doggie pain killers. She soon picked up and although not back to their normal yappy and snappy selves. They are recovering well.
The veg is now being harvested. Even the mini aubergines!  We are only waiting for the carrots to get a bit bigger and the melons to ripen. We  can make a veg box up or you can select only the veg you like. Give me a ring before you call and I will have it ready for you.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Poor little things, still sleeping after their little op. Hope they feel better soon

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

leap chicken

Having spent a delightful day celebrating our unit being open for 25 years, I arrived home to witness the older chicks playing leap frog. It was really quite funny to see these chickens in miniture jumping over each other. All stood in line whilst the one at the back jumped over the ones in front until reaching the front of the line. Then the one at the back starting the routine all over again. The camera, well I left it in the house!!
The pigs, I have been told, can be seen quite clearly from the train. I am informed by regular commuters their antics while I'm away. Sometimes they are rutting but more often than not they are frollicking happily in their field.

Monday, August 16, 2010

apples crunch

With all the rain we have had lately we have had to move the pigs troughs and water bucket. They were plodging in mud and we don't want them catching any nasties. They found their troughs with no problem, finding their water buckets was a different matter and even though they have had a few days to learn the new position they still go back to the old corner for water. They have aquired a taste for cucumber but had their first apples on sunday. Straight from the tree. At first I think they thought they were balls to be played with, but after the first bite they soon devoured their tasty tit bit.
We have a busy couple of days ahead then hopefully we are going to put the pig boards to test

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

monsoon pigs

At teatime tonight a cloud meant for the tropics lost its way and found itself over Northumberland. Instead of waiting for directions and going on it's way, it decided to empty it's load. It's not the first monsoon we have had of late, it's not the first monsoon to have drenched me to the skin, it's not even the first monsoon that the pigs have seen. However it is the first monsoon to happen just as they should have been chomping at the trough. Instead the scardey pigs oinked at the entrance to the ark tentatively putting a trotter out and quickly returning it to dry land. Nothing could tempt them out. Should I give them 'breakfast in bed'. No definately not as the tropical cloud depleted it's contents they soon came running for nosh.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Well its nearly 24 hours since I have seen the pigs. Jane kindly came to feed them for me last night. She said they were on top form having a good old rutt. She brushed the girls but after a good wallow, he remains a dirty boy!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


They ate their courgettes and cucumbers yesterday but left their cabbage!!!
Everything is growing well at the moment. We are harvesting vegetables and it won't be long before the first lot of chicks are at point of lay. The last lot of chicks have just moved into a larger shed and are begining to get proper feathers. They are still amusing to watch and already a pecking order is in place, only the smallest and dizziest of the bunch doesn't recognise this order and carries on regardless causing mahem wherever she is.
The pigs visibly look so much bigger, but measuring them today they all still measure 31 inches (I'm not sure what that is in sausages). perhaps they will have a spurt soon!!

Friday, August 6, 2010


After a fine tea of normandy pork and caramel lumpy bumpy cake, when most pigs should have been fast asleep our teenagers were up for a bit of tuition. How fast they learn. At first they tried to eat it, obviously plyboard and paint are preferable to courgettes which they still turn their snouts to (although the cows do seem to like them) but in no time at all they were walking to board.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

artistic pigs

Not only do we have the best pigs in the world they are proving to be quite creative. Without the usual source of crayons and paper they used only materials available to them to come up with this fascinating self portrait. The back of their ark is the canvas and mud as paint, I think they used their rump as a brush. What delights!!!!


I managed to transfer the bees from their travelling box to the hive yesterday. I did it too soon in the afternoon. Although it was cool I should have waited till dusk but rain threatened again and I didn't want to wait another night. The had a fair attack but I escaped unstung and within a few hours were finding their way to and from their new home with no problems.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

rain stops play!

We had hoped to continue with the weekly ritual, measuring the pigs tonight and also to transfer the bees from their travelling box to the hive.  Rain stopped play, not ordinary rain but torrential  and persistant until it was too dark to do it anyway. Both these activities will have to wait to tomorrow evening now.


The chicks are so funny, they can find the smallest gap to get through and already think the grass is greener on the otherside of the fence. But with a huge cockeral on the otherside they soon come running back. When putting them away last night we thought we had done rather well. In their hutch in double quick time and no fuss or tantrums. As we were walking away feeling accomplished two little fluff balls ran from the corner where they had been hiding. Missing their friends we soon had them all tucked away safe and sound.