three little piggies

three little piggies
on arrival

Friday, December 31, 2010


Our girls normally are an absolute delight. This week they have been the cause of concern, anxiety and an unnecessary phone call to the vet.
It started on Tuesday night and because I was under the weather Barry took on the evening shift of feeding the pigs and putting the hens away. I gave him full instructions and neither of us expected any problem.
On his return he commented how 'that big one is a handful' she had led him a merry dance tipping the water, grabbing the feed bucket from his hand and ultimately distracting his attention while trying to escape!
We both just put it down to them taking advantage of a new handler.
Next morning I was greeted with the same merry dance. The one we are keeping (we must give them names. Especially if we are keeping both of them) was sullen and sulky, the other one boisterous and domineering. I wouldn't let her get one over on me and even managed to hold her weight against the stable door while locking it to prevent her from escaping.
By evening feed I was worried that something was wrong. The girl we are keeping didn't get up for her feed, the other one ate a little, drank a little and walked in circles around around her sister. I managed to persuade her to have a drink. Checked the poo's they were ok, but she definately wasn't right.
I rang Barry, I rang Jane, I lay down beside her I began to panic and rang the vet. He was most helpful, went through a list of symptoms. He was most polite when I asked if he thought she was in heat, he put my mind at ease and said if I still had concerns he would come out the following morning.
I checked, yes they are both in heat. One suffers mood swings the other needs a hot water bottle, a bar of galaxy and Donny Osmond singing 'Puppy Love' in the background!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

a trip to the park

Today the stable needed to be 'bottomed'. They still had lots of nice dry straw on top but underneath was definately turning cruddy. First giving them some nice juicy apples to chew on I went in armed with brush and shovel. I managed to get a barrow full scraped to the closed door before they finished munching and decided to see how the brush tasted. Before long I realised I was fighting a losing battle so called on the help of Barry. I would keep them entertained while he filled the barrow. With the door open it wasn't long before one bolted, the othe tossing me to one side followed her sister. They made their way to the car park, didnt like walking on the gravel but Barry was making great progress emptying the stable. So we carried on walking to 'their field' where they had a wonderful romp around the field, although they didn't enjoy the skating, had a bit of a rut then with an all clear wave to say the stable was done we walked back. Thoroughly enjoying their walk in the park they settled in their nice clean straw for an afternoon nap !

Friday, December 17, 2010

They have settled into their stable quite nicely and I feel happier that they are more comfortable. They have an eating area, a boudoir and a place for toillette. Wii and plasma screen have not been fitted yet.....if they are very good girls perhaps Santa will feel generous. Their favourite pastime is pulling the water bucket off the wall but they do enjoy the puppet shows that visitors put on whilst viewing them over the stable door!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Entertaining the pigs

Now our pigs are used to be entertained, they are used to the best life has to offer, normally spending each day exploring every inch of their field. How will they take to their new quarters? Will they get bored? It has been suggested that they should have a plasma screen fitted with a wii fit to keep them entertained!!!

A Northumberland winter

With temperatures reaching -14 at night rising to -9 during the day we decided to move the pigs indoors. Their cosy little ark was begining to look like an igloo and they were becoming increasingly disgruntled with the snow. So after the stable was cleared of debris and filled with a couple of bails of straw they began their journey to their temporary winter residence.