three little piggies

three little piggies
on arrival

Saturday, August 28, 2010

travelling in style

We arose bright and early to get all the chores done before setting off for Scotland. First calling in at the bank for some petty cash, we took the scenic route. Past Rothbury and onward and upward we turned left for Coldstream and kept a keen eye open for the Ifor Williams distributer (instructions had been just outside Coldstream but couldn't remember if it was earlsted or earlston) We had programmed the i phone with the destination, but of course there was no reception and although could sort of remember occasional left and rights but neither of us were sure of distance. 20 miles later I spied a garage with some trailers, low and behold we had found it. The trailer was waiting for us, not quite pristine but with only one careful owner 'a hobbiest' we were told, we nabbed our bargain. Duly paid for it, hitched it, realised we had forgot the number plate too and borrowed some cardboard and a pen to make a temporary one. Without a second glance on route back home travelling the more direct A68. This was not as scenic or as entertaining.
 Our visit to Scotland was much too brief but managed to take in the sights of the Flodden fields, Floors Castle and will never forget umpty bumty burial ground. I kid you not. I would like this to be my final resting place!!!!
If we have time we may be introducing the pigs to their new to them trailer this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Jane said she wanted to be buried at umpty bumty. I said I would turn the car round she just needed to say. haha. She then said when she had past away. I hope that will be a long long long time away.