three little piggies

three little piggies
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rat Trap

After last years disasters with the chicks I am on a mission to keep these ones safe once they are in the big wide world. We have installed extra fox proofing, have chains and padlocks ready for unsavoury characters, but how do you keep the rats and stoats out. We have traps, live and otherwise, but we rarely catch anything! They have been set with all sorts of treats from dog food to chocolate, everyone has a tried and tested treat. so far this week the traps have been set with jammy hot cross bun, mars bar (what a waste) and chocolate spread on toast. Each time the food has been taken, the rat evading capture. To vary their diet a little, tonight they are having chicken fahjita. I have set the traps to the lowest sensitivity and I'm hoping for a successful catch tonight.


Chris said...

Hi Jane's Pigs!

Been reading your blog, seems you've got your hands full there.

Re Mr Rat. The only way to deal with the blighters is to sit and wait for 'em with a rifle.

I couldn't bring myself to shoot anything else but rats? That's a different matter.

Love your pigs and chicks.

janes pigs said...

In the end I learnt how to use the rifle and sat for an hour or two patiently waiting. It's amazing how you must eventually blend into the surroundings. Over the next three days I bagged 3. Quite an achievment I felt and donned the title of Calamity Jane for a while.

I've had a swift look at your bees unfortunately I haven't managed to keep my bees alive. Lost 2 hives over the past couple of years a costly business.

I'll watch for tips

Anonymous said...

Use cheap chocolate spread as bait in both live and terminall traps, cover traps with an old bag or similar and make sure traps are against a wall as rats dont like running open spaces.

ATB Janes lil Bro