three little piggies

three little piggies
on arrival

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

courgettes and cleavage

While the pigs were at trough I picked some courgettes thinking it would be a nice tasty treat. I thought pigs ate everything...hence the saying greedy pigs...but no they turned their snouts up. My kids wont eat them, not even the pigs will eat my juicy courgettes!
Afterwards Rachel and Kyloe came to see the pigs. At first they were quite excited but then the heavens opened and while we stood round like nanas getting wet they went in their ark and settled in for a cosy night snoring. Soaked through to the skin we couldn't get any wetter and decided to show Kyloe the chicks. They were sheltering from the rain but came out to see us until Rachel informed us she had a river running down her cleavage, twanged her bra to prove it, and scared the chicks back to their quarters. Needless to say this is not an adult site so I wont be posting a photo!!!

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Ann said...

Well Hannah and I loved your courgettes, they made a fab vegetable bake with my tomatoes to add to her culinary skills!!!!