three little piggies

three little piggies
on arrival

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

to name or not to name

That is the question, everyone asks us what we call them...The Boy, The Girl We Are Keeping and The Girl We Are Not Keeping !!! A bit of a mouthful I know we can tell them apart...The Boy has a pink nose, so we know which one he is if he is facing us or not.......The Girl We Are Not Keeping has a white tip on her tail and a broader saddle.... and The Girl We Are Keeping has the narrowest saddle and is slighlty smaller than the others. We dont really want to give the ones we are not keeping a name but thought it might be an idea to give The Girl We Are Keeping a name. Gertrude and Buttercup are favourites but we welcome your suggestions please keep them original she will have to live with it for a while :-)


Anonymous said...

When I was a student all males were Boris and all females were Doris. Worked well then, as no one got too attached or took too much offence!!!!

janes pigs said...

sounds like a good idea, she may end up being called doris !