three little piggies

three little piggies
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Miss Marple/ying yang part2

I'm not convinced at all that the wipe out was due to a four legged fiend. The sign left behind are not conclusive to an attack by a beastie.
There were no marks on the dead (apart from 1 cochin who had a tear on her chest and we had to put out of her misery.) No dismembered or half eaten carcasses. The hens that had been eaten were laid out in a way a bird of prey would have fed. I dont believe a bird of prey was the culpritt either. The fence was still secure and even though and animal could have got in quite easily it would have been difficult to have got out with a chicken (so many times) without leaving exit clues somewhere. There were no feathers or distortion to the fence.
The guinea fowl were completely gone, no feathers or remnants of body parts, flown away in fright I presumed. I scoured the fields for signs of them but couldn't find any.
However last night after feeding the hungary porker's, I questioned them about their whereabouts saturday night sunday morning and although I found their oinks and grunt's difficult to interpretate for some reason (it was still playing on my mind) I had yet another look around the guinea fowl pen. It was dark, not a lot of light and I didn't have a torch, but just catching the corner of my eye tucked in a clump of long grass was a packet of extra strong mint's! Oh how our urbin foxes have evolved!!!!
I suspect fowl play by a two legged animal!

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Anonymous said...

it might have been foxes glacier mints