three little piggies

three little piggies
on arrival

Saturday, December 18, 2010

a trip to the park

Today the stable needed to be 'bottomed'. They still had lots of nice dry straw on top but underneath was definately turning cruddy. First giving them some nice juicy apples to chew on I went in armed with brush and shovel. I managed to get a barrow full scraped to the closed door before they finished munching and decided to see how the brush tasted. Before long I realised I was fighting a losing battle so called on the help of Barry. I would keep them entertained while he filled the barrow. With the door open it wasn't long before one bolted, the othe tossing me to one side followed her sister. They made their way to the car park, didnt like walking on the gravel but Barry was making great progress emptying the stable. So we carried on walking to 'their field' where they had a wonderful romp around the field, although they didn't enjoy the skating, had a bit of a rut then with an all clear wave to say the stable was done we walked back. Thoroughly enjoying their walk in the park they settled in their nice clean straw for an afternoon nap !

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