three little piggies

three little piggies
on arrival

Friday, December 31, 2010


Our girls normally are an absolute delight. This week they have been the cause of concern, anxiety and an unnecessary phone call to the vet.
It started on Tuesday night and because I was under the weather Barry took on the evening shift of feeding the pigs and putting the hens away. I gave him full instructions and neither of us expected any problem.
On his return he commented how 'that big one is a handful' she had led him a merry dance tipping the water, grabbing the feed bucket from his hand and ultimately distracting his attention while trying to escape!
We both just put it down to them taking advantage of a new handler.
Next morning I was greeted with the same merry dance. The one we are keeping (we must give them names. Especially if we are keeping both of them) was sullen and sulky, the other one boisterous and domineering. I wouldn't let her get one over on me and even managed to hold her weight against the stable door while locking it to prevent her from escaping.
By evening feed I was worried that something was wrong. The girl we are keeping didn't get up for her feed, the other one ate a little, drank a little and walked in circles around around her sister. I managed to persuade her to have a drink. Checked the poo's they were ok, but she definately wasn't right.
I rang Barry, I rang Jane, I lay down beside her I began to panic and rang the vet. He was most helpful, went through a list of symptoms. He was most polite when I asked if he thought she was in heat, he put my mind at ease and said if I still had concerns he would come out the following morning.
I checked, yes they are both in heat. One suffers mood swings the other needs a hot water bottle, a bar of galaxy and Donny Osmond singing 'Puppy Love' in the background!

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