three little piggies

three little piggies
on arrival

Monday, September 6, 2010

birds of a feather

Another delivery of chicks today. 11 welsomers 1 black silky and a blue cochin.
We tried to count them tonight and this is how it goes:
6 vorwerks
2 white leghorns
2 blue leghorns
1 blue ancana
2 brown leghorns
3 blue cochins
2 rhode island reds
27 welsomers
and 1 black silky
There are a number of cockerals amongst them so the welsomers will be reduced. The others are either in hen/cock pairs or hens. This is not the end, more welsommers are coming later this week and next week we will take receipt of a number of guinea fowl. I doubt if any will be laying by the end of the season but we will have a good supply of eggs in the spring.

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