three little piggies

three little piggies
on arrival

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Felicity Kendall

Eat your heart out!
I was reminded today that she won rear of the year, possibly several times. She didn't actually set the garden, look after all these animals or build the coops. She had a whole production team to make it look easy. I will never get rear of the year or have the magic of television at hand but I still strive to fulfil the dream.
Today was the day we built the first coop. On opening a box, after taking delivery of 3 flat packs earlier this week from the devon poultry company, we realised from reading the instructions that they weren't something we could put together in an evening after work. So today, straight after the menial feeding chores were completed we set to.
First checking the contents were all there. We had 3 number 13's, according to the instructions we should just have 1. No  number 6 at all. We opened another box, that was worse. The componements hadn't been numbered at all. It only had 2 number 13's nothing that resembled a number6 from the drawing and number 4 was damaged. We chose not to send them back, time is not on our side to wait for the toing and froing of merchandise and cash. Afterall we have the imminent delivery of yet another clutch of chicks.

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