three little piggies

three little piggies
on arrival

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fait complete

Yesterday found us with one coop and run completed and we felt confident, having hit all the usual flat pack snags, that the other two would be finished today. We hit more snags today, mainly a quick trip to focus to buy screws, nuts and bolts which were not included as specified!!!  Again 3 number 13's and not one number 6, we were shouting out numbers as if reading from a chinese menu rather than instructions from a flat pack. Not only did we fulfil our wish we also managed to cuprinol two of them. Not a bad days work.
I feel I must assure people that they are definately dungarees in the style of Felicity Kendall and not Dexy's Midnight Runners as some have suggested.I definately uttered 'whoops' and possibly 'whoops a daisy' on several occasions when the power drill slipped. When we discovered the sides were on upside down it was definately 'shucks' that tripped from my tongue. Me thinks DMR's may have said something stronger, whereas F K would have reacted with the same explanitives as I !

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