three little piggies

three little piggies
on arrival

Saturday, October 30, 2010

immunisations and iguanas

The girls immunisations were due. So after collecting the paraphanalia from the vets we discussed the most comfortable way we could do it. As I am a bit squeamish Jane drew the short straw to do the actual deed. Feed time would be best, they rarely take any notice of anything while their snouts are in the trough, we thought. Food in trough, over the fence and scchhluckgg, squishy squelchy mud we were stuck fast. Fortunately Jane was able to reach the back of the first girls neck and straight in and dispensed the dosage. With empty hypodermic in hand she carefully passed it to me and manually lifted her stuck feet one at a time until she reached the other pig. Again as quick as a flash straight in the back of the neck. All done, pigs none the wise to what had happened, no trauma, no distress. Pheww. Petting them we noticed one of the girls had a graze on her back. Jane cleaned it and checked that it wasn't anymore than a graze. She was fine.
The next morning they were happy as pigs in.... well they were very happy. While they were having breakfast I checked them over and there was no sign of the graze at all.

So what about the iguanas? They were in a tank at the vets. The tank resembled a miniture rain forest. At first I didn't even notice them. It was the peculiar noise they were making that drew my attention!

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