three little piggies

three little piggies
on arrival

Friday, October 1, 2010

A night in the stiles!

We have a date for taking the boar to slaughter. So with this in mind we thought we would practise getting him used to the trailer. Something we had planned to do for a while but time had slipped by and hadn't been a priority. It may have been better if we had waited til the weekend, but no on a cold dark night we belived it to be possible. The first obstacle became getting the quad and trailer from the garage. I'm not completely au fait with driving and it had been sometime since my instruction from him indoors and I hadn't had any instruction to reverse the quad. So with each attempt taking me closer o the main road I rang him indoors (twice) had my neighbours advice and still it wouldn't go backwards. There was no option but to push it in position, man handle the trailer and hitch. A bit of a bumpy start, it was pitch black by the time we got to the pigs. They were fast asleep but the commotion soon woke them and they were ready to rehearse. Jane distracted them with apples while the trailer was positioned and the gate opened. Apples were placed in the trailer to tempt the pigs in. They did very well, although they didn't enter the trailer (it did look like a dark tunnel) they managed to get so far up the ramp. With apples consumed, the tired pigs made their way back to bed while we hitched the trailer for the return journey. While Jane was locking the gate and they were stood outside their ark, well not exactly stood, (i'm going to put this as politely as I can, because sometimes our parents read this!) the boar tried to have a piggy back! I don't know if it was Janes shout of disgust or the commotion of the night in general, but his sister was in no frame of mind to 'play' and promptly bit him!

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