three little piggies

three little piggies
on arrival

Monday, October 11, 2010

the lost boy

On Saturday I received a phone call to see if I had 'sent the pig on Thursday' as he hadn't been delivered! I went straight into panic mode but was assured that the slaughterhouse was closed until Monday so there was nothing I could do. With all the commotion of wrong earings and forms filled in I had visions of him sitting in someone elses freezer/plate. This morning I was bestowed with the information that he had spent the weekend in the cooler, not any old cooler but Marks and Spencers, and had now been transferred to Gary. Phew!!
The postman had left me a package from the nice trading standards man that had been so understanding. Full of relevant forms to be filled in (for the next time) and a wonderful easy read leaflet titled 'this little piggie goes to market......not if it doesn't have it's herd tag it doesn't'. How apt I thought if only he had sent it before Thursday !!!!

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